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Support Groups

Compassionate Friends
A National Organization dedicated to mutual support for parents bereaving the death of a child, of any age. P.O. Box 3696, Oakbrook, ILL 60522. Calling Compassionate Friend's referral service at 630-990-0010 guides you to a local chapter in your area.

American Association of Retired Persons
A National Organization dedicated to the service of newly widowed persons of any age. 601 East Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20049. Calling AARP's referral service at 202-434-2277 guides you to a local support network.

Your local hospital
The Social Worker Department of your local hospital can provide you and your family with information about current local support groups which deal with both general and specific bereavement needs.

Please remember we have compiled this list of self-help references in the hope they may be of assistance to you and your family in working through the grief process. If we can be of further assistance to you and your family, in any way, please contact us at 215-788-9313.